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We meet unearthed® blogger Sophie Richardson


Sophie Richardson

We’re delighted to be working with new blogger Sophie Richardson – one of our winners of the unearthed® Blogger Scholarship Scheme. She talks to us about how she got into blogging and what she most likes to cook.

Tell us a bit about yourself, what’s your background?

I’ve been working in kitchens from the age of 17. However, I always saw cooking as more of a fun hobby and had my heart set on becoming a doctor. I graduated from Newcastle University with a degree in cellular and molecular biology in 2014, I planned to go to medical school afterwards but had a change of heart last minute and am now trying to forge a career in the food industry. After spending 6 months interning at a food magazine, I’m now working for a catering company working both as a chef and as their digital marketing and website producer.

How long have you been blogging?

Since January 2015

Why did you start blogging? What appealed to you about it? Do you have a specific objective with your blog?

I wanted to document the recipes that I was creating and share them with friends. I find it very sad that the art of cooking is being lost with a lot of people and wanted to show that it doesn’t have to be a chore. If I get a few people to make something from scratch rather than out of a jar or packet, I’ll be very happy.

Favourite bloggers that you read regularly and/or follow on social media

Lavender and Lovage and Rosie Londoner are two of my favourites. I’m not much of a fan of the new health food, free-from-everything movement. I’m all for healthy eating but sometimes you’ve got to let your hair down. These girls are realistic about what people eat and that’s what I like.

What’s your favourite thing to cook/bake?

I like to master something and then move on… My favourite things to cook are dishes that put me out of my comfort zone as it’s always so much more rewarding when they work. I like classics with a twist; one of my favourites is rarebit with homemade confit red onions and freshly baked thyme bread. Simple but my, oh my, is it good.

What are you hoping to get out of the unearthed® blogger scheme

I am looking to grow my blog and hopefully get my name out there a bit more… I’d love to improve my photography skills and with the help of the scheme, it looks like that will be possible. The idea of collaborating and doing supper clubs for charity is also very exciting to me.

What’s been your biggest learning so far?

Working in a busy London restaurant as a pastry chef when I’d just graduated from uni. The pace of work and the sheer amount that needed doing in such small amounts of time was an eye opener as was the level of professionalism. It was an open kitchen which didn’t help… especially when I fancied nabbing a few fries.

Favourite unearthed® product

Bavarian frankfurters. Frankfurters have long been my very guilty pleasure and it’s really nice to know that the unearthed® ones are made from actual meat and not something dodgy and mechanically processed. No more feeling guilty.

Favourite food memory

There’s a restaurant in the hills near Palma that serves something called Buey a la Plancha. You get a plate of raw beef fillet, cut into little slices and hot plate to cook it on yourself. That plus aioli, a few padron peppers, a glass of rose, sat on the roof terrace looking across the city and the sea is just perfection. The first time I visited that restaurant is up there with my favourite memories.

Place you’d most like to eat?

The Fat Duck. Heston Blumenthal’s passion for science and food has always fascinated me. Even though it’s not my style of cooking, the way he cooks appeals to both my scientific and creative sides. Heston is like the modern day Willy Wonka and I’m waiting for my golden ticket.

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