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unearthed® Blogger Scholarship Programme

Would you relish an opportunity to kick-start your blogging career?  We’re offering three lifestlye, food or travel bloggers the opportunity to do just that with our 2016 blogger scholarship scheme.

What are we looking for?

New and start-up bloggers who have a great way with words, love food, have a sense of adventure, a desire to keep discovering, know their way round a camera and have a growing social media presence. They will work with us for a year to produce two exclusive recipes that will sit on the unearthed® website; create six posts that will be hosted on the unearthed®website and four that will be hosted on the blogger’s own site.

Winning bloggers will get the chance to:

  • Come along to (minimum of three) unique & exclusive food industry events – with the opportunity to meet and network with industry influencers, fellow bloggers  and celebrity chefs
    • for example: Action Against Hunger events, Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2016 Awards evening
  • Be exposed to our social networks , website audience and newsletter database
  • Receive regular unearthed® products – min. 5 packs per month
  • Associate with a successful brand and their challenger-brand friends and partners
  • Get unique ‘first look’ product opportunities

we’re launching a unique year-long programme for three of the best up and coming food, lifestyle or travel bloggers to be ‘sponsored’ by unearthed®

How to enter

Entrants must write and post a blog (on their own site) related to the theme #keepdiscovering. The post must include a recipe, incorporating an unearthed® product with photographs. The post must be a minimum of 250 words. It must then be promoted via at least 2 social networks (Facebook, twitter, Instagram or Pinterest) and mention @foodsunearthed.

All entrants will receive £15 worth of John Lewis vouchers, towards the cost of ingredients bought to create the recipe post.

All entries must be received by midnight on Sunday 21st February 2016.

Important note – we are only running this scheme to mainland UK residents. This is due to the majority of our events taking place in England. In addition, suitable logisitics for sending chilled (unearthed®) products to our bloggers, to create recipes and review, are not available off the mainland.

For the complete terms and conditions, click here or , if you have any more questions.


Dan T-

Isn’t this just a cynical way of gaining free advertising and content whilst giving people nothing in return, aside from the winners who might get some sausages if they are really lucky? If you want people to work for you I think you should pay them.

    Susie White-

    Hi Dan,
    Thanks a lot for your comments, we welcome the feedback. We do believe that this offers a great opportunity to bloggers who are starting up and may otherwise find it harder to generate traffic. We’ll be supporting them and also some posts will be hosted on their site, with us driving traffic to them. We have events planned, for them to attend, which will allow them to meet food industry influencers, if they wish. If they are pro-active then it’s a great opportunity. As a brand we’re quite fast-moving and there may be other opportunities which come up across the year which they would get the opportunity to be part of.
    We’re not expecting bloggers who already make a living from their writing, to work for free – absolutely not.
    If you’d like any more clarification or have any more feedback please do drop me an email – susie@foodsuearthed.com
    Thanks again, for your thoughts

Helen Best-Shaw-

I’d love to work with you on recipe creation – and as a blogger ambassador for Unearthed – but am a little concerned that there is no mention of payment in this? I am fairly sure that this has been done in error surely?

    Susie White-

    Hi Helen,
    Thanks for raising this. We do appreciate the comments, especially from established bloggers like yourself. We are pitching this scheme at new bloggers who may have little or low traffic to the their blog currently and would relish an opportunity to get their writing promoted.
    We would also love to work with you on recipe creation. A blogger outreach programme is definitely on our radar, and we would of course pay you for this. I’ve emailed you separately, so we can pick this up.
    Thanks again for the comments,

Susie White-

** PLEASE NOTE ** – we’ve extended the entry date for blog submissions by one week, to 21st February. Also we will re-imburse any blogger £15 towards the cost of ingredients bought to create the recipe.. thanks Susie

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