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Lunches, light meals and tapas - a delicious selection of Spanish inspiration. Viva España!


Viva España!

Food and drink are a super-important part of Spanish culture which has a varied history. Many Spanish recipes came from humble beginnings whipped up by farmers and peasants resourcefully using ingredients grown or farmed on their land. Later, throughout the centuries, the Romans and Greeks also helped to influence Spanish cuisine.

The Spanish are least bothered by breakfast. But lunch? This is a biggie, often with several courses, wine and coffee and can take up a leisurely two hours. Cue a little siesta before back to work and a late finish. Post-work that’s where tapas comes in.

What could be better than bite-sized morsels served with drinks? Eaten hot or cold these moreish nibbles are central to Spain’s sociable culture. Historically a pre-diner snack, ordering lots of small dishes to share around not only helps the conversation flow, but they’re pretty good for keeping hunger at bay ahead of a late dinner, as is traditional in Spain.  It’s also a popular pre-lunch snack at weekends when going out for cañas (a small glass of beer) . Lunch is then postponed until late in the afternoon or simply replaced with more tapas if you get carried away!

Some of our favourite tapas dishes include olives, chorizo, seafood, pinchos (skewers), asparagus wrapped in serrano ham, patatas bravas and croquettes, to name a few.

Product Story

Chorizo De leon

Chorizo De leon

In 2010 our Chorizo de Leon was the first smoked chorizo in UK supermarkets. Despite being tucked away in Waitrose, it quickly became one of our biggest sellers, proving that there are plenty of adventurous food-lovers out there ready to keep discovering.

How it came about:
We met the lovely Manuel and his family in NW Spain, through another Spanish meat company. We knew our fans would love the traditional smoking methods of this region and that they were primed for something a bit different. So we worked with Manuel and perfected the recipe and quality of the product, so it was just right. Don’t worry, our trip wasn’t all work though, as we were treated to a trip round the region. Our perfect tour guides helped us to discover some of the history and culture and it wasn’t hard to fall in love with the area where our chorizo comes from.

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