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German cuisine is very much about rich and hearty food, with each region proud of different traditional dishes. Generally thought of as ‘comfort food’ meat and potatoes are very popular, although depending on whether you eat in the North or South, they’ll be served differently.

Like many other European countries what and how German people eat has changed a lot. Traditionally a good breakfast of cold meats, eggs, bread and jam or honey alongside tea or coffee was served. Commonly now, lighter options are now poplar on week days, but at weekends, with more time, families still enjoy a traditional breakfast. Lunch was often the main meal of the day but now dinner tends to be the main meal served with the family.

One of the things we love the most are the sausages – particularly bratwurst and frankfurters – which originate in and are a German speciality. Every region has a different take on serving sausages in buns: knackwurst, bockwurst, currywurst, bratwurst or frankfurter wúrstchen. Whether they’re accompanied by mustard, potato salad, sauerkraut or beer (or all of them) you’d be hard pressed to find a nation where sausages are so revered.

Our recipes are a small selection of dishes inspired by our range and suited for breakfast, lunch or light bites.

Product Story

Bavarian Frankfuters

Bavarian Frankfuters

When we tried these delicious franks smoked over beechwood chippings we knew we’d found something special. Now one of our best-selling lines it's proof that the frank rules.

How it came about:
We met Michael, whose family have been butchers for 300 years. Based in Bavaria, they use higher quality meats which frankly, makes the finished product taste better. Filled into natural casings and hung in pairs on wooden sticks for drying (that what causes the slight dent in the frank) some come out uniquely varied in length - proof of our authentic process.

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