Bon appétit

Regional classics with an unearthed® twist. Gather some friends and enjoy the food and company.


Bon appétit

The French are very proud of their cuisine and its heritage.

They’re great at eating locally or regionally. Whether it’s vegetables, cheese or meat you’ll often find products at markets or supermarkets for which the region is renowned, or are produced or can only be purchased there. Proud locals are also very fond of eating these traditional products. Take Rillettes, abundantly eaten in Pays De La Loire, but less common in other areas of France. What we love is that authenticity is assured.The same can be said of their recipes, some being specific to a particular region often influenced by the countries which sit alongside them.

Like a lot of our continental friends the French have a similar attitude to food. Similar to Italian and Spanish meals, French suppers are all about sitting round a table and taking time out to enjoy the food and company of family or friends. With that in mind our recipes are centred around French classics such as pate on toast, cassoulet and crepes, but with a little unearthed® twist to them.

Product Story

Pork Rillettes

Pork Rillettes

We launched our Pork Rillettes in 2010 and it was the first time rillettes had been available in UK supermarkets. We got (and still do) plenty of thank you notes from happy customers who were delighted to find their holiday favourite available closer to home.

How it came about:
Numerous trips to France, tasting rillettes and the like (oh the hardship), to find what we wanted. Our French woman-on-the-ground, Brigitte, told us of an award-winning producer in Le Mans. We knew we loved their rillettes from previous samples, but when we met them, it was their passion for the product that convinced us they were the right people to produce it for us.

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