Bavarian Bratwurst, onions & smoked chilli ketchup

Slightly spicy, our Bavarian Bratwurst are pretty tasty teamed with onions and a generous dollop of Gran Luchito smoked chilli ketchup

  • Serves

  • Prep

    5 mins
  • Cook

    14 mins



  1. Slice the onions, then add a small amount of oil to a frying pan
  2. Cook the onions for 5-6 mins until they begin to soften
  3. Take the onions out, then add the bratwurst
  4. Fry for 7-8 mins, turning during cooking
  5. Add  onions to each roll, top with a brat then smother with smoked chilli ketchup
  6. Enjoy, with a German beer!


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