Asparagus wrapped in Ham

Tapas-tastic, tasty & seasonal. These delicately wrapped asparagus tips are a dipping sensation

  • Serves

  • Prep

    15 mins
  • Cook

    10 mins



  1. Take the Serrano out of the fridge 30 mins before you want to use it. Allowing it to come to room temperature will make it easier to separate
  2. Slice each piece into 2, lengthways
  3. Snap the asparagus spears – discard the woody ends and keep the tips
  4. Bring a pan of water to the boil, add the asparagus spears and cook until tender (3-5 mins)
  5. Allow asparagus spears to cool, or put them into a bowl of iced water
  6. Remove asparagus and wrap with a piece of ham
  7. Brush lightly with olive oil
  8. Heat a griddle pan, then lay the wrapped spears in the pan, cooking for about 4 mins, until ham has gone crispy
  9. Serve, while still warm, with aioli for dipping

Tom's top tip: You could replace the Serrano with Prosciutto del Poggio or French Pyrenees Ham

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