Our new spreadable chorizo – Sobrasada De Mallorca

We discovered our delicious Sobrasada Di Mallorca a few years ago. It comes to us all the way from the Balearic island of Mallorca. It’s a cured pork product made with minced pork and paprika – like a smooth, spiced and spreadable chorizo.  Now we’ve finally been able to introduce it to our range fro you to enjoy too.

Bringing you a new discovery – Sobrasada De Mallorca, a smooth spreadable pâté

It originated back in the 16th century, when curing was a means of food preservation, which enabled Spanish peasants to eat meat all year round. Typically it was hung in pantries and lasted for many months, but now, like much of our range, you can store it in the fridge. To serve, it is best taken out of the fridge shortly before eating, to bring it to room temperature, which allows the richness of the flavour to come out.

Since we’re all about authenticity, you may be pleased to know that the product contains a Protected Geographic Indication (PGI), which guarantees that the product is regulated and certified. The pork comes from a Mallorcan breed of black pigs which are specially bred and the use of artificial and natural colouring is forbidden.

Is it a chorizo or is it a pâté ?

Well its both, a spreadable chorizo. Traditionally Sobrasada is eaten on (un-salted) bread, then topped in a variety of ways: with honey, sugar or apricot jam. However it can also be used used with meat, fish and vegetable dishes. Its deep rich red also adds colour to casseroles, pasta and rice dishes. And we also discerned that it can be used in desserts – stuffed in apricots or figs or in a pastry tart with quince.

But we like it like this……

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So if you fancy trying it, then head to Waitrose where it’s on sale for £2.69.

For more details or traditional recipes using Sobrasada, visit the Sobrasada de Mallorca website.


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