New year, new products

Each year starts with the promise of change and trying new things. Well this New Year we’re starting off as we mean to go on. With our aim to inspire you to #keepdiscovering we’ve got some new products here for a limited time.

The new flavours will be available in 110 Waitrose stores for at least 8 weeks


Olives with Sipsmith® Gin

  • We love independent British distillers Sipsmith® and their London Dry Gin is a classic. It’s distilled the old school way, as it should be, which makes it smooth and full of flavour
  • They were crying out for a pairing so we matched them with delicious Greek Kalamata olives and dressed them with some citrus flavours (orange and lime) and juniper – like all good G&Ts. They are perfect with party nibbles – or try with a tall G&T or a Sipsmith® martini (don’t forget the olive)

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Market olive mix

  • This is a mix for real olive lovers as we’ve mixed up Nocellara, Manzanilla and Kalamata olives. All we’ve added is a little dressing (sherry vinegar & lemon) to bring out the beautiful flavours
  • Inspired by our travels to European markets we love these olives accompanied with a white wine spritzer. Or if it’s a dry January, an elderflower cordial with soda or sparkling water

Citrus nocellara

  • This new profile builds on the success of nocellara olives to the range. Citrus is the perfect pairing with this easy-going olive, but we went one step further and introduced yuzu. This citrus fruit which originates East Asia has a stronger citrus aroma than lemon, so we’ve just added a little bit of juice. Combined with lemon and orange zest we’ve got a lovely a citrusy dressing
  • We think this could switch any olive-hater to a lover! Try with a feta and grilled pepper salad

Olives with chipotle and manchego

  • Back in the early days our olives and manchego were such a popular line. To produce a 2015 trend twist on this classic we’ve added smoky chipotle. Flavour is definitely the hero as the trio of olives + South American chipotle + creamy Spanish manchego are a definite winner.
  • Make South America your inspiration and try these olives with some tomato and coriander salsa nachos.

With our aim to inspire you to #keepdiscovering we’ve got some new products here for a limited time.


Italian artichokes with lemon, mint and chilli

  • This is one of the things that perfectly sums up the brand. Simple authentic products and great flavours. The natural flavour of the Chargrilled Puglian artichokes are brought out by the lemon, the chilli adds warmth and the mint creates freshness. A truly traditional Italian recipe
  • We love the delicious flavour and can’t get enough of these beauties. They’re great in a rocket and gorgonzola salad (see recipe here)

Smoked semi-dried tomatoes

  • We love our semi-dried tomatoes but thought we could add a new twist to harness their natural sweetness. So we smoked them, using a traditional British cooking technique, over oak chippings (in West Sussex. A great combination with a great Mediterranean ingredient
  • This the prefect ingredient to cook with but you can also try them in a chicken and grilled pepper salad, see our recipe here


Cooking chorizo with manchego

  • Chorizo is one of our top sellers and a firm fan favourite. As manchego is probably the best known cheese from Spain, the marriage of the two makes perfect sense. To allow the full flavour to come out, small chunks of Manchego are added into the chorizo mix.
  • These are great for a range of tapas dishes, or why not try grilling then serving with lemon and paprika marinated chicken thighs.

So there you have it. Our new lines all unearthed for your enjoyment. A mixture of exciting new products – perfect pairings and on-trend flavours made using some authentic techniques. You can buy all of these items in our 2 for £5 promotional offer, so it means you can afford to experiment and mix and match with some of our other traditional products.

Let us know what you think of these new lines and look out for competitions coming your way!



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