Fresh Ibérico launches

At unearthed® we love a new discovery.  On our trips to Spain we’ve tried  fresh Ibérico pork – which is widely acknowledged as the best pork meat in the world. For ages we’ve been yearning to let this deliciousness loose on our customers and now, at least we can.

As from today (Wednesday 25th April), in approx 180 Waitrose stores, and via Ocado, you can now buy top quality, delicious, impressive continental food that really is a step apart from the rest. This is a first to market launch that we’re pretty proud of. There are 3 different fresh Ibérico cuts; Ibérico Presa, Ibérico Lomo and Ibérico Solomillo (better known as Tenderloin).

The pigs are from farms who have won a prestigious UK award for good animal welfare. They are entirely free range, roaming freely in the Dehasas and foraging for a diet of plentiful natural foods. The pigs get deliciously juicy and fat, which can be tasted in these premium meat cuts.

As this meat is so special, we recommend treating it like a good steak. Allow the meat to rest before and after cooking and take care not to overcook it to ensure the most succulent and flavoursome results.  To help you we’ve given you some visual guidance on our packs, for the cooking.

Ibérico Lomo

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Ibérico Presa

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Ibérico Solomillo

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Ibérico meat can be cut up and served as part of a fabulous tapas spread or can easily be the hero of any meal where a meat cut is needed. Once prepared, lightly season then sit back and enjoy the most incredible flavours! (just like the Spanish do).  Or simply serve as an alternative to steak, just like we did below (here’s the recipe).

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Enjoy and let us know what you think.


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