Action Against Hunger in India – unearthed project

unearthed® support for Action Against Hunger has been one of the most successful donation programmes in our industry, with almost £500,000 raised since our partnership began in 2010! Here is more about how our money is helping right now.

The principal project we support is in India, home to the world’s largest population of malnourished children. Incredibly 48% of Indian children under 5 are stunted* and the problem is much greater here than in Africa.

Our project is centred in Rajasthan in NW India and tackles water and disease issues as well as food, all contributors to malnutrition. It includes treatment of severe cases, training of medical practitioners and community education.

The thing that really struck me when I met the man who oversees Action Against Hunger’s programmes in Asia, himself Indian, was that this is not about donations funding prevention across India. It is about innovating new approaches, proving what works, raising awareness of the problem and solution with government and helping build the systems and capacity that government can then get behind. The problem is so huge that it needs major local and national government action to solve, but Action Against Hunger are proving that it is possible on the ground, local people are seeing what is possible and becoming more demanding and local government in Rajasthan is responding.

Know that your support of unearthed® is helping to find solutions.

*primarily as a result of malnutrition


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