The birth of a brand

The unearthed® brand was born in 2008 out of a desire to share our travel inspired foodie discoveries with the rest of the UK. Launching with a modest 3 olive lines, we quickly saw that people loved what we had to offer. No need to travel to Spain to eat the tastiest chorizo coins or pitch up in Portugal to eat your favourite Pastel de nata... we can bring holidays home!

So what are we all about? Well firstly it’s all about the food. We’re looking for the best products we can find, at a price that you, our lovely customers, can afford. Secondly, it’s about the people. We find the best products are always produced by the most passionate people - often continuing a family tradition that stretches back for generations. And last, but not least is place. Whether it’s the climate, being close to the best raw materials or simply the weight of local knowledge, place has a big role to play.

Over the last few years we've introduced fantastic new products to the UK: Olives with Gouda; Chorizo Meatballs; ready-to-eat Garlic Prawns on skewers in handy, microwave-friendly packaging; and Surimi Rings. We’ve also showcased some niche products like Calabrian 'Nduja and Spicy Spanish sausages.

Our aim continues to be pretty straight forward – to keep discovering and to bring you great tasting food.



Our vision is for unearthed® to be the brand who introduce accessible and exciting world foods to everyone, across store. Through our discoveries and industry expertise we’ll inspire and build a foodie culture. We strive to be versatile, friendly, honest and a little bit different. Our success will always have a conscience, as we continue to donate to charities.

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unearthed® timeline

Sourcing Story

FRESH ibérico

In 2018 we launched our ibérico steak - the first award-winning free range, fresh ibérico in UK supermarkets. Whilst popular in Spain it is much less well known in the UK, despite being a delicious alternative to beef steak. It has quickly taken off proving that there are plenty of adventurous food-lovers out there ready to make a discovery.

Our ibérico steaks come from an ancient breed of pigs that roam free in the dehesas. This is a sparsely wooded pasturelands of quercus trees that can only be found in the south-west of Spain. Ibérico pigs are able to store large amounts of fat which makes the meat especially succulent and tender. The constant exercise and natural source of feed also mean that the meat is delicious! We work very closely with our farmers to ensure the highest welfare standards are achieved. And we’re proud this is the only Spanish farm to obtain a prestigious UK award for good farm animal welfare.

Sourcing Story

Pork Rillettes

How it came about: we launched our Pork Rillettes in 2010 and it was the first time rillettes had been available in UK supermarkets. We got (and still do) plenty of thank you notes from happy customers who were delighted to find their holiday favourite available closer to home.

How it came about: it took numerous trips to France, tasting pâtés, rillettes and the like (oh the hardship), to find what we wanted. Our French woman-on-the-ground, Brigitte, told us of an award-winning producer in Le Mans. We knew we loved their rillettes from previous samples, but when we met them, it was their passion for the product that convinced us they were the right people to produce it for us. In 2012 we launched a goose version which is just as tasty and has proved to be as popular.

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